Seaweed Kombu Leaves 15g


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Kombu is simply kelp dried whole and cut in pieces. Kombu Leaves are attached to the central section of the plant; they are more pliable and lend themselves to wrapping food for cooking. They can also be used for stock although their flavour is much milder. They aregenerally used towrap fish,cook beans to make them more digestible or to add naturalUmamito deepen the flavour of a dish. They are a great food for people wanting to maintain healthyiodinelevels naturally. Kelp is a leathery deep-water sea vegetable from theBrown SeaweedGroup, with a naturally salty taste, with a lot less sodium than salt and a better balance of minerals. Known as 'Kombu' by the Japanese, the word 'kelp' encompasses a whole family of seaweeds including many different varieties, with unique taste, colour and texture. Pacific Harvest uses Ecklonia radiata (also called North Island Kelp), because of its mild flavour. Our kelp comes from untouched areas around the country, mainly around Gisborne and Wairarapa. It is harvested sustainably by hand from the wild, after a storm has detached the plant from the kelp forest. It is cleaned by hand in sea water so to not leach the minerals, and thennaturally dried. BecauseKombu iskelp dried as a strip, it contains all thenutrientsnaturally found in kelp. Kelp is well known for its iodine levels, the highest of all sea vegetables. It is also an excellent source of trace minerals, vitamins and detoxifying fibre. Kelp contains special compounds that are said to have a positive effect on degenerative diseases: Algins, Fucoidan, Laminarin, lignans and many anti-oxidants. Kelp apositive alternative to salt, still salty, with less sodium chloride and more of the other minerals we need. Hailed to be the best source of naturaliodinein nature, it nourishes the thyroid and optimises the metabolism. Kelp/Kombu also contains exceptional pre-bioticfibre, essential to good digestion.