Sea Chicory - Salad Mix 12g


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Sea Chicory seaweed salad mix is made with gigartina seaweed and is well-known in Asia - particularly in Okinawa - and in coastal areas of South America. Part of the'red' seaweedgroup,Sea Chicory is prized for its enticing appearance, jellifying properties, mild taste and crunchy texture. Japanese people call it'yanaginori', andit is one of the traditional ingredientsin Peruvian food. Greatin salads, it also makesa fantastic edible garnish that boosts the nutritional value of a dish. Pacific Harvest Sea Chicory is harvested from the clear waters of the South Pacific. It re-hydrates quickly and expands dramatically (8-10x) before your eyes; it is said to have extraordinary health benefits. Classified as ared seaweed, Sea chicory contains naturally occurringcarrageenan, a jelly with soothing effects on the digestive tract when consumed as part of the plant. Sea Chicory provides an abundance of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.