Organic (transitional) blanched almonds 500g


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Blanched almonds are simply almonds with the thin outer-skin removed via a hot-water treatment. They provide a great source of vitamin E, and are also rich in other vitamins and minerals like the regular almond. Blanched almonds are particularly popular in baking when ground into a fine meal. The light colour and fine texture provide protein, good oils and a delicious texture to biscuits, cakes and pastry. We use blanched-almond-butter as a main ingredient in our rice carob biscuits. We simply grind the blanched almonds to a fine powder, leave it sit for around 10 minutes, then continue blending until it forms a butter (takes approx. 5 - 7 minutes - don't overheat your machine!) This raw almond butter is also delicious as a spread. Gently toasted almonds or blanched almonds are also delicious sprinkled over salad or steamed vegetables.