Organic Stone Oven Rye Bread 530g (Min Order 4 Loaves)


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Ingredients: Water, Wholegrain Wheat Flour*, Wholegrain Rye Flour*, Yeast, Sea Salt* In this multi-grain bread we add rye to wholegrain, freshly-ground wheat. Rye is an old grain that grows in a harsh climate. It has long been used as a favourite grain for bread. The rye and wheat used in this bread is all NZ grown. This bread contains 1/3 rye flour and 2/3 wheat flour. Because of the lesser amount of rye, we can use yeast to make this bread, and the result is a soft bread dough. We bake it with or without caraway. The caraway combined with the rye produces yet another particular flavour. 100% wholegrain goodness and nutrition. No flour improvers, conditioners, preservatives, extra gluten or any other additives. This bread has its own flavour, which is somewhat more savory than wheat bread. It tastes particularly good when toasted, but is also good simply with a spread.