Organic Rice Syrup 500g


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Rice Syrup is a mild sweetener made from whole grain rice that has been cultured and fermented with enzymes. This enzymatic process is undertaken to break down the natural starches into complex carbohydrates, maltose and glucose. As the rice grain is boiled and the liquid removed, the remaining meal is processed into organic rice syrup with complex rather than simple sugars. This enables the sugars in rice syrup to be absorbed more slowly by the digestive system rather than being absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. Containing only half the sweetness of common sugar, rice syrup provides a mildly sweet butterscotch flavour for cookies, cakes, muesli and puddings. When used in baked goods, rice syrup generally creates crisper texture. We use rice syrup in our coconut muesli to give it a great crunchy texture and subtle sweetness. We also use it in our home-made marzipan (which goes into our cantucci and rice cantucci biscuits) and our gluten-free bread.