NZ Organic Zentrofan Stone-Milled Wheat Flour 25kg


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An extremely high quality flour that retains all the nutrients and valuable vitamins including the germ buds, due to the milling technique. The flour does not overheat because of the air flow and is very fine even though wholegrain. NZ Freshly Milled Organic Wholegrain Wheat Organic. Locally grown. Freshly milled by us. Wholegrain wheat is an important grain, containing a large amount of carbohydrate, most of which is starch. Wheat also contains gluten, providing protein and giving that elasticity and structure necessary for bread baking. China produces the most wheat worldwide, followed by India, US and Russia. Wholegrain wheat is a good source of the minerals iron, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. From vitamins it provides B6, folate, thiamin, riboflavin and niacin. Iron and B-vitamin deficiencies have become prolific since the processing and refining of whole wheat into various grades of white flour has become common practice. The whole, unrefined, unprocessed wheat grain is a valuable and nutritious article of diet. White flour products on the other hand are heavily depleted as most of the vitamins and minerals are contained in the bran and the germ, which are removed when wholegrain wheat is turned into white flour. The wheat we use is grown by organic NZ famers. We buy several tonnes of wheat grain at a time, to ensure the year's supply, and keep consistency in our products. When kept in a dark, cool, rodent-safe environment whole wheat stores well. We grind our wheat flour on a daily basis in our zentrofan stone-mill. This produces a very fine textured flour, whilst retaining the full grain.