Garlic Kelp Seasoning 45g


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Kelp is classified as aBrown Algae, the seaweed group that generally boast the highest iodine content. Pacific Harvest prepares a range of exquisite kelp condiments designed to enhance both wellbeing and cooking experience. Very little salt (if any) is required when using them. The mineral concentration is such that Kelp tastes salty naturally, with a lot less sodium than salt. In Garlic Kelp Seasoning,kelp granules(61%) are mixed with natural extracts, garlic powder and pieces and various herbs and spices, making it a naturally tasty and nutritious condiment. Because of its very high concentration in iodine and its leathery texture, Kelp does very well prepared as a seasoning. The grind is small enough to become tender when exposed to moisture from other food ingredients and it's easy to monitor the very small quantities required to meet RDI (recommended daily intake). Our Kelp is wild-harvested sustainably from designated coastal areas in New Zealand andtested for contaminants. Kelp is recognised for its iodine levels which are the highest of all sea vegetables, and is also an excellent source of trace minerals, vitamins and detoxifying fibre. Consume in moderate quantities to stay within theRDI for iodine. Kelp Seasonings areoften used as a salt alternative for people wanting to maintain healthy iodine levels naturally and reduce sodium in their diet. Kelp also contains unique compounds that are being researched for their positive effects on degenerative diseases: Algins, Fucoidan, Laminarin, lignans and many anti-oxidants.