GDL Baking Powder 120g


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Ingredients: Glucono delta lactone (a natural acid derived from plant sugar)Potassium BicarbonateTapioca starch Sodium free, gluten free, dairy free Standard baking powders usually contain sodium bicarbonate, phosphate salts, aluminium, cream of tartar or all of the above. These itemshave been suspected to either causeindigestion, heartburn, alzheimers, high blood pressure and cancer, or else they create an unpleasant aftertaste. Our house-made GDL Baking powderuses only ingredients with the most favourable result, the least aftertaste, and no negative effects on your health. It has been carefully formulated to ensure a complete reaction on activation, so that there is no reaction with stomach acid later. We recommend 18g of GDL baking powder per 500g dry ingredients. That's 3 level Tbsp baking powder for 4 Cups of dry ingredients. This product reacts slower than standard baking powder. Monitor your baking time and temperature as it can brown products a little earlier. For best health results we recommend that the rising reaction has completely finished before eating the product. Good health to you!