Garlic Seaweed and Sesame Furikake Seasoning 50g


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Furikake means 'seasoning' in Japanese. Pacific Harvest's is formulated to preserve the idea of the traditional Japanese seasoning without the use of animal products, sugar or MSG. This tasty, flaky and colourful condiment combines 5 seaweeds, sesame seeds and natural flavours to produce a nutritionally dense condiment with a wide range of culinary applications. It is vegan and combines the nutritional profiles of sea vegetables from different colour groups; it makes it easy to eat a variety of seaweeds with different benefits. A good salt alternative for those trying to reduce sodium, Furikake has a salty taste with a fraction of the sodium in salt and a much better balance of other essential minerals. Furikake from Pacific Harvest contains no objectionable additives and colour. The seaweeds in Furikake are sourced from NZ and overseas.