Almond Bars 45g


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Ingredients Pearl Barley* (24%), Carob Glaze (25%) (cocoa butter, carob powder*, evaporated cane juice*, soy milk powder*, pure vanilla powder), Slivered Almonds (13%), Evaporated Cane Juice*, Water, Sunflower Seeds (7%)*, Palm Kernel Oil*, Cashew Nuts* (6%), Unheated Honey, Sunflower Oil* *Organic ingredient Wheat, dairy and egg free No additives Delicious and satisfying these bars make a good dessert. They also make a nice gift. The base is made by milling the barley into flour and combining with ground cashews. Barley contains eight essential amino acids and is a good source of fibre. The topping of almond slivers and sunflower seeds is sweetened with a little honey and unrefined sugar. Once cooled the bar is coated in handmade carob 'chocolate' glaze. We make the carob glaze with top quality cocoa butter from Holland, soy milk powder, unrefind sugar and carob powder. Carob in addition to not having the negative effects of chocolate is very nutritious and contains as much viamin B1 as asparagus, as much niacin as lima beans or lentils and more vitamin A than eggplant.