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Mill Room

In this section you will find quality organic grains and flour.

Wholegrain flour, easy to find right? Or do you mean wholemeal? What is wholemeal?

Modern mills take the grain through a very long process of grinding and sifting to separate the bran and germ from the endosperm which is the starchy white flour. This flour with the bran added back in is referred to as wholemeal flour.

Whole grain flour contains bran and germ and we have a deep interest in using this nutrient rich flour as fresh as possible. Our Zentrofan Stone Mill is on pretty much every day if you want to order freshly milled wholegrain flour. You may have your own mill at home in which case take a look at the organic grains on offer.

We also have a small mill dedicated to gluten free flour milling; experiment with rice flour, millet flour or quinoa flour. Some flour we do buy in, like coconut flour, chickpea flour or whole corn flour.

400g Organic Amaranth Flakes From NZ$9.50
Rice Flakes 500g NZ$10.80
1kg Organic Rye Flour From NZ$5.50
500g Organic Ground Linseed Brown From NZ$6.00
500g Organic Almond Flour From NZ$25.00
1kg Organic Buckwheat Flour From NZ$6.50
1kg Organic Rice Flour From NZ$7.00
1kg Organic Quinoa Flour NZ$21.00