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Fresh Herbs

Fresh Herbs direct from our garden to you.  Grown under organic and sustainable conditions although not certified.

10g Fresh Spearmint NZ$3.50
10g Fresh Peppermint NZ$3.50
10g Fresh Lemon Balm NZ$3.50
15g Fresh Coriander NZ$4.00
10g Fresh Lovage NZ$3.50
10g Fresh Dill NZ$4.00
10g Fresh Mint NZ$3.50
10g Fresh Marjoram NZ$3.50
15g Fresh Oregano NZ$4.00
15g Fresh Thyme NZ$4.00
10g Fresh Sage NZ$3.50
20g Fresh Chives NZ$4.00
15g Fresh Parsley NZ$4.00